The History. The Family. The Dream. And a Day in the Life.

When it comes to building a business (no matter how small, or large) everybody has a story. A goal that evolved over time. A family legacy carried throughout generations. A dream turned reality.  A  passion molded into a lifestyle.

At Tres Rios, we want to connect with our western family beyond buckles, beyond jewelry, sharing our family’s journey with you as we pursue our passion in the western buckle and jewelry industry, getting to hear your stories, your dreams, and your goals along the way. To do that, we want to take you back to our roots, and share the heart, the vision, and the inspiration behind Tres Rios.

Owner Brett Tatum’s roots stem back to the Roseburg, OK area, while wife and co-owner Keylie Tatum’s roots trace back to Durango, CO. Brett was raised on the Christensen Ranch until age 9, when he then moved to Wickenburg AZ. While in Arizona, his family began to build custom buckles, and from 1993 - 2007, Brett’s mother, Vicki Christensen owned and operated company Frontier Trophy Buckles. In 1997, Tres Rios Silver was born as a sister company to Frontier, inspired by the goal of creating quality, custom-made western buckles at an affordable price.


With big vision and inspired minds, Brett & Kylie bought half of the business in 2008. They eventually moved the business from Arizona to Texas, and have since been blessed beyond measure as Tres Rios has grown and become one of the most trusted, quality Western buckle companies in the industry.

So, what does a typical day look like for the Tres Rios family?

Typical work days start early — with emails, checking TR social accounts, and starting the daily homeschool routine with Brett and Keylies’ son, Pecos. In the afternoon after Brett has completed the morning school subjects with his son, he heads to the TR Shop in Llano, TX, and Keylie continues school lessons with Pecos. She would later on go to say when asked advice for others chasing their dreams,

"Get up early and work hard. Don't do anything half-hearted, do the best you can and always try to learn something to get better".

Toward the later half of the afternoon, their son typically catches horses and saddles up to practice, while Keylie works from their home office. She spends her work days designing new pieces, and managing TR Social Channels, while Brett handles the business side and designs buckles and awards. In addition to their individual roles, they have a great group of employees helping to run things behind-the-scenes every day.

When the work days are complete, Brett and Keylie typically practice roping calves and team roping with their son, and Keylie may get in a few barrel runs as well.  Although the days are full to the brim, they are thoroughly enjoyed, and as Keylie would say, “Owning a business is only what you make of it”. When asked what piece of advice they’d give to an aspiring business owner, she responded,

  “When we keep God first, things run smooth. When we get comfortable, and lose order, that is when we struggle. Its always a work in progress. But we know that Tres Rios is God’s business, and we are blessed to steward it”. 

And as far as how they separate business from family, she states, “Our family and personal life revolves around the business, so we don’t separate them. We love what we do. Everyday is rewarding, and we enjoy being a part of the Western Industry and helping people celebrate champions and memories”.

Most recently, they’ve begun to create western jewelry pieces on the wholesale and retail side, offering quality, ready-to-ship items available in select stores and online. “Our new wholesale line is a bonus”, says Keylie. “Its great to see our product in stores and see it making people, friends, and family happy”.

You can find the entire Tres Rios team on their website at, and can see their new retail pieces at Although they’ve been in business for over 20 years, they are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, and serve their customers with the utmost of quality and integrity.

Be sure to look out for their line at a local retailer near you or at a western tradeshow, and to contact them for any custom, or retail buckle or jewelry needs.